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Posted by Mike on July 5th, 2010.
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Collaboration is what WaveAdept focuses on.

Yes we get Google Apps. Yes we understand the openness of the Web. And of course we love shiny toys. BUT, when it all comes down to it we exist because of people and NOT because of IT which we believe is a key difference between ourselves and the majority of ‘competitors’ out there which are, at their heart and in their behaviour, IT companies with the focus always on the “T”. We are proud to say we have been engaged by clients to talk collaboration (Google Apps) and have finished the gig without installing/provisioning a single piece of software – truly, whiteboards can sometimes be the most powerful tool you need.

And what keeps us in jobs – “user adoption” (some people call this “change management” but we really like the focus that “user adoption” gives). We know it’s not about the tools it’s about people adopting the tools into their work life. And it is exactly where Michael Sampson’s (@collabguy) new title, “User Adoption Strategies” is aimed.

We were lucky enough to get a copy at the recent SharePoint Conference held in Wellington whilst listening to our very own Dave explain what the “cloud is”. I spent the weekend reading it and straight off the bat, WE RECOMMEND IT.

Michael has written a compact (on purpose, as he recognises tomes are hardly ever read) yet usable book that not only outlines the theories of change and the challenges to collaboration within organisations but details strategies that you can use to increase the user adoption of your “second wavers” when bringing in collaboration tools – to be honest it can be used for any newly introduced tool be it software of any sort or even a new process.

I was particularly pleased to see that Michael focuses on what he terms ‘second wavers’, those that do not live within the world of online collaboration and ask the critical question, “Why would I use this?” as opposed to those ‘first wavers’ that nearly always dive on in asking, “What do I need to do to get it working?”. The answer to “Why” is exactly what we focus upon and without an acceptable answer for each staff user you are in for a lot of pain.

With are a plethora of techniques to be used he very correctly points out that you should NOT attempt all of them without having a plan of what is being used and for why. Again we echo his point of being concious of the “why” you are doing something and not just roll out the same-old-same-old OR scare the willies out of your users by dumping every technique on them. Having said that the techniques Michael details are well thought out and come with case history and why you would use them over and above the “this is how”.

Finally Michael leaves us with some very salutary notes about the “old timers” (our term) in your organisation and reminds us all that, “Remember your work will be replaced one day”

And remember “Being The First Is A Lonely Position” but having WaveAdept alongside you are among people that have been there a lot.
Contact us to talk about your user adoption strategy …

“User Adoption Strategies” outline:
- Chapter 1. Focusing on User Adoption is Critical
- Chapter 2. The Context for User Adoption Strategies
- Chapter 3. What We Know About Change
- Chapter 4. New Ways of Working
- Chapter 5. The Four Stages of User Adoption
- Chapter 6. Winning Attention
- Chapter 7. Cultivating Basic Concepts
- Chapter 8. Enlivening Applicability
- Chapter 9. Making It Real
- Chapter 10. Crafting Your User Adoption Approach
- Chapter 11. User Adoption for Advocates of the Old Way
- Chapter 12. Final Thoughts

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  1. Thanks Mike … greatly appreciate you reviewing the book … glad you found it useful … AND that you recommend it. That’s really cool.

    Thanks much,

  2. Mike says:

    Pleasure Michael.

    One critique would be the lack of “cloud computing” especially Google Docs which, alongside the numerous SharePoint references would’ve made for a more balanced book :-)
    But you’d expect us to say that eh!

  3. [...] Oh, and I’m also looking forward to hearing Jamea Robertson, Dan Randow and Michael Sampson [book review] educate us [...]

  4. Thanks Mike … re the cloud computing services, the book talks about SAP StreamWorks, Central Desktop, Twitter, Yammer, PleaseReview … and others. But yes, it doesn’t have a lot about Google Docs. That said, Google Docs or Apps are mentioned on pages 42, 75 and 186.

    It’s definitely not just a SharePoint book, but I could have done more. Perhaps 2nd ed :-)


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