[Updated] MAYBE Upgrade To iPhone iOS4 If You’re Using Google Apps With Active Sync

Posted by Mike, June 22nd, 2010
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[Update 2] Seems there are still issues – works for some of us but we know of others that it’s either totally failed (see comment) or failed on some parts. We’d advise waiting for the dust to settle.

[Update 1] Forget all that – it’s now working fine!
There is a known issue with the “newly upgraded” Active Sync in iOS4 and the Google sync servers that affects all consumer and Google Apps users:

We are currently aware of the new OS4 issue with Google Apps, and are working on a fix. You should be able to connect momentarily when we push out the fix.

IF you are using Active Sync to sync your email, calendar and/or contacts we strongly suggest you DO NOT upgrade your iPhone’s to iOS4* until Google have resolved this issue.

* the new Apple operating system for iPhones

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  1. Nuclear Fire says:

    Not for everyone it’s not. Still borking for me.

  2. Mike says:

    On a personal note I susecpt I’m gonna go back to 3.3.1 as it’s killed the experience on my 3G (n ‘s’).
    AND, my wife is giving me grief as he’s having an equally bad (ie slooooooow) experience


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