Waving It At The Canterbury Software Cluster

Posted by Mike, July 20th, 2010
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I am honoured to have been asked to give a talk at the annual Canterbury Software Summit, a “get-together of the top software industry representatives from Canterbury and the wider NZ community”.

I understand last year there were over 150 attendees and it was a roaring success so here’s to a cracker on September 7th at the Grand Chancellor hotel in Christchurch.

What have I been asked to talk about, Google Wave which fits in very nicely with the Google Wave Seminar series I will be holding around New Zealand in September.

Here’s my talk blurb:

Google Wave caused an amazing buzz (!) when first unveiled a little over a year ago – was this truly the future of the online real-time collaboration, would it kill email, would it make the coffee? Well, Yes and No. The initial “developer preview” lead the common cries of, “What the hell would I use this for?” and, “This is so buggy, it sux”.

12 months on and it’s time to revisit Google Wave with it’s slicker interface, it’s more stable infrastructure and any number of use cases.

Mike will take us through Wave and it’s 3 distinct technical layers, how you can implement and use it and where he see’s this amazing technology going over the next 12 months. It will be a ride if nothing else :-)

If you are keen to get along then pop over to the Canterbury Software Cluster website, join and reserve your place at the table.

And then make sure you come and say hi to me :-)

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