Mike Riversdale

Mike (aka Miramar Mike) has been working in, with and against IT departments from all types of organizations around the world for nearly 20 years. His passion is connecting people with usable information – helping organizations collaborate, through clear communication and online collaboration. Mike’s skills have been used to implement significant business transformation projects at BNZ, Christchurch City Council and Ministry of Health.

Mike co-founded WaveAdept with Dave Livesey in 2009.

Catch his latest news on our blog, his “open” blog, the scatalogical personal blog or any of his social networking sites where he’ll be your “friend”, just ask.

Contact Mike

Email icon Email: mike@waveadept.com
Mobile phone icon Phone: +64 21-169 1359
Twitter logo Twitter: @WaveAdept
LinkedIn logo LinkedIn: MikeRiversdale
Google Buzz logo Buzz: mike.riversdale