We firmly believe in the power of collaboration (it’s why we’re so good at helping others understand and implement collaboration) and that no man, woman, team, company is an island. We work regularly with the following partners and are more than happy to talk with you about them.

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Google for business
Reliable, secure online applications wherever you work
What can we say – currently the leaders in cloud computing for businesses with an innovation rate that blows all the others out of the water. Their approach to their Google Apps products reflects the DNA of the company, “Focus on the users”.

We are proud to have a close working relationships with Googlers based both in New Zealand and at the APAC head office in Sydney through our Authorised Reseller status. BUT this hasn’t lead to an influx of Android phones into the office’s just yet.



Microsoft SharePoint and BPOS
Business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Internet
Microsoft are now “in the cloud” and working with the local team here we know just how much that means to them. We are thrilled to be an active partner of Microsoft.

Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)
Get the best of both on-premise and cloud worlds using Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), a full Microsoft communication and collaboration environment, without having to manage the server software yourself.



For many valid reasons the “cloud” is not for everyone and we at at WaveAdept make no demand that everything “collaborative” must be using one technology over another and love working with businesses that chosen SharePoint.



SharePoint Solution Specialists for Planning, Consulting, Architecture and Training
We have had a long, fruitful and fun relationship with the fine folks at KnowledgeCue and know them to be above all, customer focussed with a passion for getting the most out of the SharePoint toolset for their clients.

They are dedicated to ensuring IT is seen as adding value to their own internal ‘customers’ and working alongside them to achieve this goal. From a technical delivery point of view there are none better than Duncan, Andre and Simon alongside the rest of the team.
PS: ask them about the magic number … 167



Cloud Sherpas

Leading Enterprises to the Cloud

They do what we do and we are so proud to have a like-minded company willing to share the love, the war wounds and stories. But they do more than us with their awesome extension products to Google Apps of which we are proud to be the NZ reseller. If you are are a Google Apps administrator and want more control then check out SherpaTools.



Simple solutions for complex business problems.

The similarities between us and Trineo are too many to mention here but best summed up in the phrases, “They get it” and, “They are a pleasure to work with”. But of course the major difference is that whilst we focus on Google Apps Trineo are the recognised leaders in developing upon Salesforce.com’s Force platform. More arrows in their quiver are added by their deep knowledge of the excellent Atlassian development tools.

When many companies move their back office to Google Apps they also think of their sales team and if SalesForce.com is your solution of choice then we have no hesitation in recommending and working with the fine folks at Trineo.



Innovative cloud applications company with a portfolio of cloud products and services that provide enhanced functionality for large enterprise and education deployments of Google Apps.

Hang on, aren’t they a direct competitor to WaveAdept? Well, yes, sometimes we meet steely eyed across the table as we vie for the same client but more often than not we are two Google Apps centric companies that compliment each other offerings.

Whilst we take the “people first” approach to all our Google Apps offerings we recognise the need for deep and intimate technical knowledge of the services are sometimes required for those gnarly moments. And Hapara has that knowledge through their experience in Google Apps provisioning and more recently in their focus upon creating amazing Google Apps-centric tools such as Access Manager.

Together WaveAdept + Hapara make for an unbeatable team in the New Zealand market … even if sometimes we have to work our who is the lead player :-)



Complete out of the box Field Service Software
There’s no point saying, “We get it” and then acting differently – Steve and his team at Connect2Field not only “get it” they have created services for businesses that solve real life pains. They get the technology, the “cloud” but most of all they get that people want software that is easy to use and solves pains:

We make it easy for your service business to manage your customers, track your jobs, dispatch & schedule work to your field workers, manage inventory, quotes, communicate easily with your customers via email & SMS.

WaveAdept are proud to be the New Zealand partner of Connect2Field fully supporting the product and the company … oh, and Steve also gets that it always about people!



In addition to our partners we feel extremely honoured to count the following as independent advisors to the team: